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Her slender body, the shoulder heavy full figure round long black hair thick and dense, bright eyes and two pieces of tu2 pale lips. Small white the same pearl necklace, 巻 fell on the golden ring on her finger. As the hand of the white onion root, hot like breasts of solid steamed bread, and, with her this pretty appearance

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She is in search, seeking her essential things. Every day she crouched down on the market sell vegetables, 2011 fashion dress shop. She tried to show off their husband to those old the * * * *, joining their green 脥; "Buy it, and look at the food more fresh." She was carrying scale.

"Not only food fresh, the person also......" Wear BianSeJing, to tide front clothing prices. The young man of the fashionable dress, smiled squat down in front of her.


Also pretty fresh, how much money a kilo? "

"Don't you give a price." She stood up, like the searchlight eyes like in her

Sweeping the.

"Oh, give I weighed 3 kg tomatoes, 2 jins cucumber." He went to the ChengPan picking up.

She weighed over, pour into simple bag for his money.

"Bye-bye." The young man she means to delimit the hand feet a smile.

She felt a kind of thing from chest rose to, how she want to get his love, get his favorite. 2011 fashion dress shop. She cried out

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